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Three Horses

There are an estimated nine million horses in the United States, including commercial and recreational horses. Millions of Americans are involved in the horse industry as owners, service providers, employees or volunteers. The horse industry’s total impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States is approximately $112 billion dollars, yet it is still an often underestimated and overlooked part of the national economy.

Individuals are increasingly investing time and money in the horse industry and producing higher quality, better-bred horses. This growth requires a high awareness of the risks involved with the industry. Many equine-related legal issues can arise from sales/purchase contracts, personal injuries, new judicial interpretations of the Equine Activity Liability Acts, veterinary malpractice, mortality and liability insurance coverage, and stallion syndication. For that reason, it is imperative that businesses and individuals, whether horse owners or service providers, seek knowledgeable guidance regarding potential risks related to their involvement in the industry.


Bullock & Cecil attorneys have personal knowledge of the horse industry, with experience that ranges from racing to showing to recreation. It is our personal involvement in the horse business that provides us with unique insight into our clients’ legal needs and allows us to provide guidance on business matters unique to the horse industry, including:


  • Equine Business Planning and Risk Management

  • Sale and Purchase Transactions

  • Breeding Rights

  • Zoning and Land Use

  • Contract Drafting and Disputes

  • Boarding and Care Issues

  • Veterinarian and Caretaker Disputes


Our attorneys also offer counseling on liability avoidance, insurance coverage and general counseling to owners, trainers, riders, and other members of the equine community. At Bullock & Cecil, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in nearly every type of equine matter.


Bullock & Cecil frequently represents international individuals and businesses in their equine transactions and disputes, and the firm understands the special needs of our international clients.


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