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Bullock & Cecil’s litigation practice includes a diverse group of seasoned trial attorneys. Our knowledgeable and dedicated attorneys have experience in all aspects of civil and criminal litigation, including jury trials, bench trials, administrative hearings, and appeals. Our attorneys also have experience in every court system governing the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Our firm prides itself on providing efficient, cost-effective litigation strategies. We have state-of-the-art search capabilities for people, assets, personal background history, known associates, business affiliations and criminal histories. We also have our own private investigator to assist with discovering information that might not otherwise be available. Our private investigator interviews witnesses, obtains relevant photographs, and obtains DNA, fingerprints, voice samples and handwriting samples for forensic lab analysis. 


With respect to criminal litigation, Bullock & Cecil represents clients who have been charged with or are being investigated for crimes in both the federal and state court systems. Our attorneys are experienced with and handle criminal issues such as domestic violence, drug offenses, assaults, theft offenses, weapon offenses, murder and other capital offenses.


We understand that in an instant people can become entangled in the criminal justice system and those criminal convictions can carry serious, lifetime consequences. Competent and aggressive criminal defense counsel should be retained to ensure that rights are properly protected and that the appropriate results are obtained. Our firm understands that each case is unique and every client deserves – and should expect – personalized, aggressive counsel.

With respect to civil litigation, our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of civil matters - from business litigation to property disputes to personal injury claims. Bullock & Cecil acknowledges, however, that litigation is not always the best option. At times, the preferred approach may be alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys have participated in many such proceedings and have a keen understanding of the mindset required to succeed in the ADR setting. We recognize that creativity and finding common ground can frequently resolve even the most heated controversies long before the case reaches the courtroom.


Our goal is to reach a result that our client defines as successful, and to do so in a manner that is tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

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